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- H Marine & Fire Insurance
- Business Requirement
- System Architecture
- Wining Factors
- Benefits

::Business Requirement::

- There are 382 branch offices and about 20,000 employees work for this company throughout the nation.

- Want to administrate every branch’s recording from the headoffice easily.

- All employees can start recording when/where they want to

- Recording system has to be linked with current user application system in order to consider current job and expanding to other departments later.

- Guarantee immediate searching if records are saved by using index function.

- The system must have stability and security as evidence for potential disputes.

- It must not have any delay for recording when errors occurred on server.


::System Requirement::

- System Archiecture 1:-

- System Archiecture 2:-


::How Solved and Wining Factors::

- VoiceLink recording Systems takes Network line method to record calls (No needs to set up any other particular recording lines for this system).
- Improved problems such as noise and limitation of set up space that caused in existing recording system which is using lines.
- Provided the convenient environment to record – installed recording system in the head offices not in each branch offices in order to record from anywhere with no limitation of place



- No additional work for installation in branch offices like connecting all phone lines to the recording equipment.
9 head offices support 382 branch offices’ recording.
- No needs for any additional equipment when it linked with agent application for expanding functions
- Efficient administration by real-time monitoring
- High compatibility - WINDOW API supports other systems as expanding its work functions.
- Minimize supporting staff of maintenance - administrate only head offices
- Flexibility for changes and easy installation – No needs to change any part of equipment although some changes are made such as merging or opening branches, agent numbers and their groups
- Increase work efficiency with prompt response against disputes.



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