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- Business Requirement
- System Architecture
- Wining Factors
- Benefits

::Business Requirement::

- Use only 50 channels for customer call center agents. (Marketing call center : 110 seats, Web shopping mall : 20 seats).

- Want integrated management from the head office for scattered call centers

Agents should be able to do selective recording for necessary calls

- Evaluate the level of customer interaction skills by agent monitoring

- Want to use recordings as the agent training materials for customer interaction.

- Record only selected agents’ calls by scheduling rather than record all transactions of every single agent


::System Requirement::

- System Archiecture 1:-

- System Archiecture 2:-


::How Solved and Wining Factors::

- Scheduling function - Easy to administrate a number of agents’ recording by using a few channels.
- Using ‘Recording On Demand’ - Agent can do selective recording.
- Support Real-time monitoring – It can monitor any recordings made from different branch offices
- Administrator of head office can do scheduling for each of call center agents.



- Use recorded data as materials for agent call coaching.
Effective cost by selective recording using scheduling function.
- Easy to administrate scattered call centers from the center..
Systematic monitoring and training can improve agents’ skills.



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