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- Business Requirement
- System Architecture
- Wining Factors
- Benefits

::Business Requirement::

- CTI/API linking function - need to provide additional data by linking with CTI as agents record customer calls.

- Free seat function – Agents can login with their ID and record from any seats.

- Analysis function – should be able to make statistics report for agent recording


::System Requirement::

- System Archiecture 1:-


::How Solved and Wining Factors::

- High compatibility - Easy to run with different kind of systems.
- No needs to set up any extra lines and easy installation
- No needs for additional work although agents move seats because VoiceLink records calls by using agent ID
- Simple System configuration – It helps prompt action as errors occurred and easy maintenance.
- Changed IVR which was a main reason of customers’ complaint for long



- Fast development owing to simple running with API
Prompt action can be taken against customers’ claims.
- Quick search – able to find data quickly by various searching.
- Cost effective system – No needs for any particular set up work to run the system.
- After changing IVR, the number of processed calls has been increased about 2 times than before and also customers’ satisfaction is increased
(In the past, maximum number of processed calls per day was 150,000, now it is 270,000 for calls and 400,000 for packet).



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