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::Software based and Switch/ACD Independent::

By utilizing the existing data network infrastructure, our customers can avoid expensive investment on proprietary hardware and as well as its high maintenance cost. Acquiring the information (voice and related data) at the last mile of the voice path can avoid expensive investment on Digital/Analogue Converter which required by most switches. Also VoiceLink can handle VoIP calls in Internet Contact Center easily.

::Distributed Processing and Centralized Storage::

Information is processed in agents workstation and then transferred over data network to central recording server. This can avoid heavy processing loading of the recording server. Therefore, administration of the recording server and data archiving are becoming easy. Since no cabling is required between the switch and the recording server, VoiceLink is particularly suitable for multiple-site environment such as contact center with multiple locations and branch offices application.

::Choice of Archiving Technology::

VoiceLink supports any Window based kind of Real-Time Random Access storage media, such as MO, DVD-RAM, HDD, SAN, NAS, etc.

::Ease of Operation::

- Very intuitive GUI.
- Real-time monitoring on agents and retrieval of recorded information are done over data network which allows administrators or supervisors to manage recordings in the remote sites.

::Flexible Recording Trigger::

- Automatic voice detection.
- Manual recording control by agents.
- By external command through agent workstation API integration (optional).

::Flexible Searching Parameter::

- Date/Time.
- Agent Login ID
- Customer Name, Number, ID or anyother data inputted by agent manually or captured automatically through agent workstation API integration (optional).

::Licensing Flexibility::

Unlike traditional hardware based solutions, VoiceLink utilizes dynamic channel allocation ensuring maximal resource usage at minimal investment.

- No dedicated license per agent required
- Supports multiple recordings from a single server
- Supports free seating and multiple workgroup environments

::"Light-on-the-LAN/WAN" TCP/IP Architecture::

VoiceLink monitors/records and compresses voice at the agent PC. This ensures:
- Digitized and compressed voice is sent to the archive server without congesting your network
- All call related data is sent with the recording ensuring ease of retrieval
- Does not require any connection to the telephone network for significant cost reduction


- Windows based
- Auto-diagnostic for system failure identification
- Multiple level alarm functionality
- Multiple level security for user access and system maintenance
- Remote maintenance

::Agent Call Traffic Analysis::

VoiceLink enables the analysis of agent call traffic by hour, day and month. Reporting is displayed in textual and graphical format. The data can further be compared to other agents and exported for further analysis.

::Easy API Integration::

Agent workstation API integration is the easiest and most effective way to control recording trigger and to acquire call events and also business related parameters automatically as most of the useful data is available in agents workstation. Admin/Supervisor workstation API integration can embed the administration and retrieval functions into the Admin/Supervisors front-end application. VoiceLink API Suite provides DLL and Active X versions for different agent front-end environments. This includes VB, VC++ and Web based environment such as html and Java. With both Agent API and Admin/Supervisor API, VoiceLink can be completely integrated into call center front-end applications.

::VoiceLink Screen Recording Insight::

VoiceLink Screen Recording provides high quality; full motion screen recording of a PC desktop that could be streamed over an intranet, Internet or within local PCs. By using a sophisticated compression mechanism, VoiceLink is able to capture every keystroke and mouse movement, in real-time, and make the entire session available for playback in anywhere on an IP network.

::Agent Quality Management Application::

The VoiceLink/TalkTactics Agent Quality Management solution is designed to help improve agent performance by equipping them with different skills that are used in daily call center operations, resulting in more efficient and effective service in return of customer loyalty.

The AQM Model includes setting user defined Key performance Index (KPI), Training, Enhancement, Evaluation, Coaching, assessing, etc. Through any internet browsers, users can perform management, evaluation, and review functions within the center at anywhere anytime. Voice and screen recording solution have jointed to provide the best-of-breed evaluation service.

::Other Optional Features::

- Agent Playback Application.
- Time / Random Scheduled Selective Recording Application.
- N+1 Back-Up Redundancy Application.
- Server Mirroring Application.

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